Tips for Securing Exterior Sliding Glass Doors

Exterior sliding glass doors typically do not have strong locks in them, making it easy for intruders to pass through. Some sliding doors do have aluminum latches, but most of these latches are not strong enough to prevent intruders from getting inside the house. As it is, adding a few security features to the sliding doors is very important.

Door Sliding Block

The door sliding block is placed along the sliding door track, to prevent the door from being slid open from the outside. This block on the track typically allows only 6 inches of movement. Any wood dowel or one made of metal can be placed on track to serve this purpose. Another still better option involves the installation of bolt lock along the metal frame of the sliding door. This lock mechanism connects to a metal rod that drives down the track when in close position.

Door Lift Stopper

Given that the blocking device is already in place, intruders can still consider the option to lift the door frame off its tracks. This works if there are enough gaps between the door frame and the tracks to allow vertical movement. This can be prevented by securing the door rollers, and keeping them maintained in tip top condition. Using a deadbolt that fits at the base of the slider and prevents the slider from being lifted off its tracks should do the trick.

A door lift stopper can also be installed by simply drilling a hole into the sliding door frame across to the other side of the fixed part of door frame. Simply insert a metal rod, and this will protect the sliding door from any attempts to lift it from the outside.

Locks and Alarms

The most secure method to lock a sliding glass door at home is through the use of bolt with locking mechanism. Deadbolts are difficult to pry open, so if you install this type of lock on your sliding door, you will be able to keep intruders from entering your home. As for commercial establishments where a number of employees come and go everyday, the use of state-of-the-art systems that have biometrics detection is often more secure that the traditional bolt and lock system. With the use of biometric identification scans on the thumbs, voice or the retina, a system is almost foul proof. If an unregistered person attempts to enter the commercial facility, the alarm goes off.

Warning Decals

There is an effective psychological effect of warning signs. Decals that warn about an installed alarm system can discourage thieves from taking any further risk. Now, before you start to think that putting warning signs is enough to ward off thieves and strangers from your property, you should remember that not all people read signs, and some of those who do, do not really follow what the signs say. As it is, you might want to install a real security alarm system together with your warning decals. This way, intruders will know that you mean business and they should not mess around your property.