Tips for Selecting a Limestone Cleaner

Selecting a limestone cleaner can be a very important part of the process of cleaning your limestone effectively. Limestone is a very porous form of stone and therefore you need to make sure that you use the proper cleaners for it. Here are a few things to consider about cleaning limestone.

Cleaning Limestone

If you are going to look for a commercial cleaning products to clean limestone, make sure that it is specially designed for limestone and other stones. You do not want to buy some generic cleaner that could damage the limestone. Therefore, make sure that the manufacturer recommends cleaning limestone with a product before purchasing it.

If you want to use household items to clean with, you might want to try white vinegar to do the job. In addition to that, you could try using a combination of lemon juice and salt to clean the limestone surface with. Depending on what is staining limestone, both of these methods have worked under certain conditions.

When cleaning limestone, many people prefer to use muriatic acid as a cleaning agent. While this can work, you want to be careful while using it because it can eat down too far into the limestone.