Tips for Sewing an Outdoor Bench Cushion Tips for Sewing an Outdoor Bench Cushion

An outdoor bench cushion helps to not only protect the bench but yourself as well. If you sit on a hard bench for too long, you can hurt your spine and other areas of your body. Outdoor bench cushions are often subjected to the elements, as well as coffee, juice and food that can easily stain the fabric. Over time, the upholstery will also rip as it ages. You can repair the outdoor bench cushion yourself or reupholster completely. The article that follows will share with you several tips on how to sew outdoor bench cushions.

Save the Old Fabric

One of the challenges with sewing an outdoor bench cushion is creating an effective pattern. Many people will tend to use the cushion itself as a starting point by placing it on the new fabric, wrapping it and then trimming and cutting. While this will eventually lead to a finished job, it is going to take much longer than it should. If you can carefully remove the old fabric, you can use it as to make the perfect pattern. This is even possible if there are holes in the fabric. The easiest way to remove the old fabric is by using a seam ripper. This way you can remove the seams then remove the fabric. Lay the old fabric on top of brown paper, pin it, trace it, and then cut it out. Use the brown paper as a pattern for the new fabric.


There are two main ways that you can close off the fabric sewn onto the outdoor bench cushion. The obvious way to close the cover is by sewing it, but if you're not skilled with a needle and thread, this can be difficult. The second way you can close the fabric is by using self-sticking Velcro. You simply remove the sticker backing and place each side of the Velcro on the inside of the fabric. You can also create a slipcover instead of fully enclosing the cushion. Leave off the bottom section of the covering and turn it inside out. Use fabric glue to place elastic around the edge, making sure you expand it slightly before gluing it in place. When you are finished, it can be slipped over the cushion.

Avoid Staples

Stapling fabric to a bench cushion seems like a good idea because it is much easier than sewing the fabric. The problem with staples is that they rust and they can also easily become loose and fall out of the fabric. You will have to replace the staples periodically, while sewing will keep the fabric in place all the time.

Sew Around the Cushion

One mistake that's often made is sewing the fabric through the cushion material. This seems like it may make the seams stronger, but the tension created can easily tear the seam. It will also create a bunching up of padding material. The easiest way to sew the fabric is by wrapping the cut fabric around the cushion and creating a small flap that is sewn together.

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