Tips for Sharpening Diamond Saw Blades

What You'll Need
Running water
Concrete block or brick

Diamond saw blades can be used for many do it yourself projects, allowing you to cut a range of materials. To ensure that it remains useful, it is necessary to understand the correct process for sharpening the blades.  

Step 1 – Position Sharpening Block

Start by placing the brick or concrete that you are using in a secure position, ensuring that it does not move about. Similarly, make sure there is enough space around it for you to work.

Step 2 – Run Water

Water must be allowed to flow over the block to enable a paste to be formed from the water and the dislodged particles. If necessary, run a hose to the point where you are working to ensure a sufficient flow of water.    

Step 3 – Sharpen Blades

By running the diamond saw blades through the block as the water runs along it, the blade will be sharpened by removing the dull edge to expose the diamonds beneath. Keep a close eye on your work as it progresses. Turn the saw off to check the blade and see if it has been sharpened and repeat the process, if necessary.