Tips for Sharpening Lathe Chisels Tips for Sharpening Lathe Chisels

Lathe chisels are basic tools used in woodwork projects, to help in cutting and shaping wood. Like any other tool it is vital to maintain them, so as to ensure that they are in good condition and can provide satisfactory results when made use of. In fact, from time to time it is important to sharpen lathe chisels.

Clean the Ends

Before starting to do anything it is important to properly clean them. Immerse their ends in warm soapy water and allow them to soak in there for some time. Then, remove them from the water and wipe them dry.

Smooth the Chisel Ends

Once they are dry, use an angle grinder to sharpen the tips of the lathe chisels. By moving slowly back and forth you will be removing any scratches and grooves. make sure that through it all you always maintain the particular angle of the chisel blade.

The Tips of the Chisels

Then, it is best to grind an angle which goes a bit deeper onto the tips of the chisel's ends.

Finishing Up

Finally for best results, rub the ends of the chisels onto some strap leather, and then wipe with some metal polish. If you see any nicks or dings you should repeat the sharpening process with the grinder.

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