Tips for Stocking a Tornado Shelter

A tornado shelter is an essential structure or space in your home especially if you are in an area that is frequented by tornadoes. It is, however, important that you stock your tornado shelter with essentials that you can use during an emergency making sure that you maximize the space.

Stock Perishable Items that you Use Regularly

One of the essential items you should stock your tornado shelter with is food items in case you might need to stay in it for more than a day. However, it is important that you stock your shelter with perishable items or food items that you do use in your day-to-day living. In short, use your tornado shelter as some sort of a pantry. By stocking items that you regularly use, you can constantly rotate the item keeping them fresh as long as possible.

Stock More Canned Goods or Non-Perishable Items

It is also advisable to stock more canned food or non-perishable items than fresh ones. Canned goods will last longer, often lasting more than 2 days. However, it is important that you stock a wide variety of canned food items like vegetables, fruits, and meat. Also, include items that can last longer without refrigeration like cereals, dried fruits, biscuits, or cookies.

Overstock on Water

Water is also an essential item. Store at least 3 days worth of water making sure you allot at least 3 galloons of water per person per day. Although you have enough food to last you a week, you may not last if you lack water.

Store Camping Gear

Think of your tornado shelter as a camping site. Try to store equipment and gear that you will normally bring in a camping trip. This includes sleeping beds, portable lights, heaters, and cooking gear. Make sure that you have at least one sleeping bed for each member of the family. Also stock pillows and blankets for each person.

Store At Least 2 of Each Gear or Equipment

You should stock at least 2 of each utility or equipment in your tornado shelter. There should be at least 2 portable lights, heaters, cooking gear, and propane gas tanks.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is also a must in a shelter. Divide your kit into 2 categories – for common ailments and emergency or severe treatment. Medicines for common ailments like fever, colds, cough, and flu should be in abundance. For the emergency kit, store some medicines that will treat for wounds, cuts, and sprains to name a few. You should also include in your first aid kit treatments and items for severe ailments. If any of your family members are under medication or requires certain medical attention then it is vital that you stock on it as well.

Store Items in Water Tight Containers or Ziplock

Store big items in water tight containers while using Ziplock bags or any water tight plastic container for storing smaller items. Items like candles and matches should also be stored in a water tight container.

Store Extra Clothes

You may also want to store some extra clothes in your tornado shelter. Pack at least a week’s worth of clothing for each person making sure that you store clothes for each season. Include some winter clothes, light clothes, and even rain coats.