Tips for Stocking Your Baby's Changing Table Tips for Stocking Your Baby's Changing Table

A baby’s changing table is an important part of the nursery and can make diaper changes fuss-free. Here is how to stock the changing table so that you can change a diaper in minutes.

Diaper Cleaning and Changing Supplies

Items needed to clean a diaper should be easily accessible at the changing table. Here are the items that you’ll need to clean a messy diaper and put on a fresh, clean one.

  • Waterproof changing mat
  • Cotton balls or wet wipes
  • Warm water, if using cotton balls
  • Stash of clean diapers, cloth or disposable
  • Diaper pins or other fasteners, if using cloth diapers
  • Diaper covers, again, if using cloth diapers
  • Diaper cream to prevent nappy rash

Accessibility and Ease of Use

Store supplies in a basket or lidded bin in a shelf under the changing table. If there is no storage under the table, set up a shelf at arm’s length above the table so that you can easily reach out and grab a fresh diaper. 

Safety and Security

Keep diaper pins, the warm water thermos and diaper cream in a locked storage area. This is especially important when the baby begins to crawl and explore.

Stocking a changing table properly can really help reduce the pressure of changing a baby’s diaper. The right supplies and ease of use make diaper changes simple and easy.

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