Tips for Testing Fuel Injectors

If your car is making a strange sound or misfiring in any way when you try to start it, the first thing you should test is your fuel injectors. There are various methods of testing fuel injectors but they are easy to do yourself instead of wasting money on a mechanic to do the job.

1 - Using a Multimeter to Test the Injectors

Set the multimeter to check for resistance. Disconnect the wires to the fuel injector. Place the Leeds of the meter on to the injected terminals and look at the meter display. The service manual of your vehicle should tell you the ideal resistance number. Match this with the reading on the display. Generally, it should be somewhere between 10 and 18 ohms. Test each injector in this way. If the readings are not what they should be, then they will need replacing.

2 - Listening to the Sound of the Car

The old fashioned way of testing the fuel injectors is simply by listening to the car. Do this by putting an appropriately long screwdriver onto the fuel injector when the car is started. If everything is working correctly, you should hear a rhythmic clicking sound when you place the handle of the screwdriver to your ear. If it is not making this sound, then there is a problem.