Tips for the Installation of Wood Roof Trusses Tips for the Installation of Wood Roof Trusses

Wood roof trusses are popular in various constructions. However if you wish to install them yourself, try to bear in mind the tips and suggestions described below.

Tip 1: Marking

It is important to always mark the spots where each roof truss will be set. This will not only serve to facilitate your work, but it will also ensure a better result, in terms of neatness and strength. Keep in mind that at the end of the day these roof trusses will form a substantial amount of the foundation for the roof, and consequently they make or break several factors, including strength, safety and insulation.

Tip 2: A Helping Hand

It is crucial to have someone help you, not only to lift the truss, but also to hold it for you until it is set into place.

Tip 3: The Cap Plates

The cap plates are an important element of the whole process. They serve as the main points where the weight of the truss is supported. To facilitate your work, set the cap plates in place, and then lift the truss in such a way that it can be lowered onto the cap plates, first from one end and then onto the other.

Tip 4: Temporary Braces

It may be very helpful to create temporary supporting braces, while you are installing roof trusses. They can then be removed or replaced later, without much ado.

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