Tips for Tightening Wood Deck Screws

Wood deck screws have certain characteristics in order to perform their job properly. They are built to resist weather effects and corrosion and are usually self-drilling which makes it easier to drive in and lay flat across the surface. This can make tightening them challenging, but there are a few tips to help you with the job.


Deck screws are usually found in places where you don’t want them to stick out. In order to avoid this you need to counter-sink them by tightening until the screw is actually below the surface it’s been driven into. This can prevent injuries or tearing of materials that come in contact with the surface.

Use an Electric Drill

Tightening deck screws by hand is not as efficient as doing it with an electric drill. This will also make counter-sinking a lot easier. Use a cordless drill for outside jobs.

Hammer in Position

It is easy to tighten deck screws when they’re in the correct position to start with. In order to get them steady, use a hammer first to drive in the tip of the deck screws. Drive the screw enough so that it’s stable when tightening. You can then easily use your electric drill to finish the job.