Tips for Travertine Floor Tile Installation Tips for Travertine Floor Tile Installation

Travertine floor tile is beautiful, durable and can be installed in most spaces. It is often used as a flooring or counter top option. This tile typically comes in hues of beige, rust and ivory.

Prearranging the Tiles

Lay your travertine tiles on the floor without any mortar. This will help you to see the design before the tiles are secured. Mark all of the tile backings so that you will know where to place them later.

Installing the Tiles

Use a mortar designed specifically for travertine tiles. Use a notched trowel to apply the mortar evenly. Position the tiles on the mortar. Make sure that they sit in a level position. Insert spacers between the tiles. Continue installing the tiles until the entire floor is complete. Allow the mortar to dry completely.

Grouting the Tiles

Remove the spacers. Use trowel to apply a sanded grout to the tiles. Work the grout into all of the the spaces. Use a wet sponge to wipe an excess grout from the tiles. Allow the flooring installation to dry for a week.

Sealing the Tiles

Apply a sealer to the tiles and grout. The sealer will protect the tiles from staining. The sealer should be designed specifically for travertine. Allow the sealer to dry thoroughly.

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