Tips for Using a Flywheel Puller Tips for Using a Flywheel Puller

If you have a vehicle which needs to have the flywheel removed, then the only way that you can do this safely is to use a flywheel puller. These are devices which take the flywheel off of the ignition system. There are several different types of flywheel puller which you can use to get the results that you want.

Exposing the Flywheel

Remove the spark plug wires from your plug, and then take off the bolts which hold the starter shroud to the engine. You need a wrench to get those bolts off. Then, pull off the shroud, and move it away from the engine. Unscrew the clutch screen and remove it. You should then be able to see the flywheel.

Removing the Flywheel

Set the flywheel puller against the side of the flywheel. The largest hole in the puller should fit onto the crankshaft, and the bolts on your puller will then be parallel to the holes onto the flywheel. Make sure that you tighten up the bolts on the flywheel puller, and then lift it up. The flywheel puller should be turned in clockwise circles, until you extract the flywheel.


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