Tips for Using a Spud Wrench

While a spud wrench appears similar to an ordinary wrench, it is specifically designed to be used with older plumbing fixtures. It is prudent to be aware of some handy tips, which can be implemented while using the wrench to ensure that you use it correctly.


In view of the fact that the size and the type of fastener can vary according to the age and type of fixture, it is prudent to obtain an adjustable spud wrench. If necessary, measure the fasteners that you plan to work on to ensure you get the tool of the correct size.   


The spud wrench must be positioned correctly over the slip nut the tool is used for, which will often be hexagonal shaped. Once this has taken place, the wrench must be tightened properly around the fastener so that it is secure.


Care must be taken when turning the spud wrench to ensure that no accidents occur. If necessary, don a pair of workman’s gloves to improve your grip, especially for old fixtures that have been in place for a long time. To loosen the fastener, the wrench must be turned to the left, while tightening it can be undertaken by twisting to the right.