Tips For Using An Outdoor Fire Pit

Using your outdoor fire pit is a great activity to spend time with your friends and family. An outdoor fire pit can be a great for bonding and spending time outdoors. There are a few safety tips you should follow when using your pit. 

Safety First When Using the Fire Pit:

  • It necessary to have a fire extinguisher close by, any time you start a fire. A spark could easily fly from the pit onto a piece of flammable material. Without something next to you that will extinguish the fire you may end up with a fire too large to put out yourself.
  • Equip your fire pit with metal fire tools that you will use when adjusting your fire. A fire poker and a set of tongs are essential in fire maintenance and control.
  • If you have children; you may consider purchasing a metal screen to encircle the circumference of the fire pit. It should be tall enough to block the children but short enough for adults to tend to the fire without struggle. The fence will prevent the children from getting too close to the fire. This may be necessary if your fire pit is made out of metal because children often scaled their hands by unknowingly touching the outer rim.
  • When you are finished with your fire, make sure that it is entirely extinguished before leaving it for the night. You should pour water on top of the embers until absolutely no smoke remains because a fire is a powerful force that easily rejuvenates itself. A fire can be replenished, over a period of hours, from the smallest of coals. Much of the fire’s heat is stored underground and can start underground roots on fire.

Cooking More Than a Hot Dog on the Fire Pit:

A simple metal grate, which lies on top of your fire pit, can allow you to cook just about anything over an open fire. Use the metal grate in the same manner as you would a barbeque or a burner on a stove. After seasoning, place meat directly on the grate and cook it over a low burning fire.  You can also boil water or cook an array of food items ranging from pasta to fresh vegetables.

Activities to Try Around the Fire Pit:

The beauty of a blazing fire in the midst of a dark night creates a great backdrop for ghost stories. It is fun to be creative in telling scary stories; you can create an endless array of tales that will send shivers down your spine. You may create your own story or read one from a book or printed sheet of paper from an online source. It may also be fun to create a scary story by collaborating with your guests. Ask each of your friends to take turns telling two or three sentences of the story. This activity is entertaining and interactive; making it the perfect activity for fire pit fun.