Tips for Using Honing Oil with Sharpening Stones

What You'll Need
Honing oil
Tools to be sharpened
Sharpening stone
Honing oil

In order to get a clean result when renewing the blades of tools with a sharpening shone, it is necessary to use honing oil to facilitate the process. To ensure that it is used correctly, it is prudent to be aware of the tips that can be put in place.

Step 1 – Application  

Securely position the sharpening stone before applying any oil to ensure that it is not subject to any movement when in use. If necessary, lay a rag out beneath the stone. Apply the honing oil to the sharpening stone rather than to the tool and do so sparingly; no more than a thin layer is required.

Step 2 – Technique

Make sure that the entire area over which the tool will be used is covered in honing oil. Make sure you replenish the layer of oil if sharpening more than one tool on the same occasion. Similarly, apply additional drops of oil when a single toll requires significant work.    

Step 3 – Rinse

After you have finished sharpening the tools, rinse the sharpening stone to remove any remnants of honing oil. After rinsing it in fresh water, dry it with a rag.