Tips for Using Subway Tile for Floors and Walls Tips for Using Subway Tile for Floors and Walls

Using subway tile for floors and walls will create a retro look. Subway tile measures 3x6 and are found mostly in white. Due to their popularity, subway tile can be found in other colors including pastel. The article below will share several tips for using subway tile on walls and floors.

Right Use

You need to pick the right subway tile for the installation area. Subway tile for floors is thicker than the tile for walls. There is also a texture to them.

No Special Materials Required

You will install subway tile in the same way and using the same materials. You will need tile adhesive, trowel and grout. The tile will also need to be sealed, as will the grout.

Accurate Measurements

Measure the length and width of the area you are going to install subway tile. Multiply the numbers together to get the square footage. This will allow you to get the right amount of subway tile for the job.

Start Center

Use a tape measure and divide the floor or wall into 4 quadrants. Measure the length and divide in half. Repeat with the height. The center point will be where the lines intersect. Begin installing subway tile along the center point and toward the wall.

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