Tips for Winterizing an Outdoor Water Faucet

If you have an outdoor water faucet you should winterize it to prevent the possibility of it freezing and causing water damage to your home and foundation. It's a simple job that you shouldn't overlook each autumn.

Tip 1: Remove Hose

If your garden hose is still connected to the faucet, you should turn off the water on the outside of the house and disconnect the hose. Let it drain, coil it and store it for the winter. A hose left full of water can freeze, expand and burst.

Tip 2: Turn Off Water Supply

If you have a water shut off valve to your outdoor faucet, put it in the off position and then go outside and open the faucet to drain it. If you leave water in the line full of water it can freeze and expand then burst.

Tip 3: Cover the Faucet

If you live in a very cold climate you may also want to cover your faucet outside to prevent it from freezing. This is also important if you don't have a turn off valve to shut the water off to the faucet. There are insulated covers available specifically for this purpose and they are available at any hardware or home improvement center.