Tips for Working with Precast Concrete Slabs

Precast concrete slabs are easy to work with and are inexpensive to purchase. They are used not just for flooring, but also for roofs, walls and partitions. Here are three tips that will help you use precast concrete slabs successfully.

Tip 1 - Insulating Slabs

If you are using using concrete slabs for walls and partitions, opt for slabs that are hollow. These will be lighter than solid concrete slabs making them easier to use. The layer of air inside the slab also has insulating qualities, trapping heat into your building or structure. Hollow precast slabs will also insulate against sound better than solid ones from both inside and out.

Tip 2 - Preparing to Lay Floor Slabs

Clear the ground of any litter or debris before starting. If you are using concrete slabs for flooring, you'll need to prepare the ground properly to support the weighty slabs. Make sure that the ground has been flattened or the concrete slabs will not lay flat. If concrete slabs aren't laid on a completely level surface, water may seep in underneath, destabilizing the floor.

Tip 3 - Measuring Your Area

Precast concrete slabs will be cut into specific sizes. Make sure you accurately measure the area you are working with before you purchase your slabs. This will ensure you order the right about of slabs.