Tips for Working With Wall Membranes

wall membrane

Wall membranes are a cheap and easy way to waterproof a wall. They are most commonly used in basements; however, you can install wall membranes both inside and outside the home. Here are a few tips on how to install a wall membrane.

Cut After Installation

Most people measure a wall before they install the wall membrane, then they cut it to size. It is best to install the wall membrane first, then remove the excess. Doing so will ensure the entire wall is covered.

Overlap the Wall Membrane

Most materials will require that you butt the edges against each other. To create a seam that will stand the test of time, wall membranes should be overlapped slightly. Do not overlap the wall membrane, though, by more than 1-inch.

Use Rollers

One of the most common mistakes is failing to remove air bubbles. Air bubbles create opportunities for water to pool, causing mold and rotting. When installing a wall membrane, use a large roller to press the wall membrane to the wall, removing the air bubbles.