Tips on Building Roof Trusses with Metal Tips on Building Roof Trusses with Metal

Homeowners might not like the idea of building roof trusses on their own property. However, given the critical function that roof trusses play, it should be a top consideration. Trusses provide support for the components that makes up your roof and as a result make your roof a little stronger. The entangled triangular wood frames attached to your roofing material ensures that your roof will be sturdy. Roof trusses are easy to install. In fact, homeowners usually install them on their own. There are several things to consider when planning to build a roof truss. Here are some tips on how to be successful in building roof trusses:

Tip # 1 – Correct Positioning of the Screw

On the outer portion of the metal truss, you need to place screws every 6-inch interval. The inner side of the metal truss should have the screws placed every 12-inches. Do this until you reach the opposite end of the roof. Using this correct interval of screw positioning will give you secure attachment of the truss and the plywood below it. Placing screws inside a metal is not an easy feat, so you should be sure to know the necessary number of screws that must be placed on the metal.

Tip #2 – Accurate Measurements of Metal Truss

Metal roof trusses are available in many different lengths. There are also manufacturers that offer made to order metal trusses that are made specifically for your roof. Remember that cutting a metal is not an easy job so you must ensure that you have the correct truss length and that the cut end of the truss and the design load accurately. This will save you time, money and effort in the future.

Tip #3 – Special Truss Fasteners

When you are using metal roof trusses to build your roof, you will need to make use of special fasteners to secure the truss to the wood.  The usual wood screws used in installing trusses will not work well with your metal truss. These truss fasteners are made up of metal plates that have holes where you can insert your screws. The metal truss fastener can also have built in barbs to fasten trusses. These special fasteners make the device fit securely to your metal truss. Be sure that you get the appropriate tool for your special metal truss fastener with built in barbs.

Tip #4 – Accurate Cut of Ply Board

When using a metal truss, you will need the plywood to be correctly positioned. To do this, ensure that the grain of the plywood is perpendicular to your metal trusses. When adding ply boards, you need to make sure that the ends of each ply board are placed directly on top of the truss. Placing them correctly will ensure that your truss is secure.

Having a roof truss made of metal may be a demanding job but the benefits you will get from it are worth it. Metal trusses can stand the test of time and climate changes ensuring the integrity of your roof with time and climate change.

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