Tips on Buying a Backup Generator Tips on Buying a Backup Generator

The choices for buying a backup generator are wide ranging, but when you're new to this, it can get confusing. The most expensive generator is not necessarily the best option, and you have to keep in mind the availability of fuel if there's an emergency. Most generators on the market cost no less than several hundred dollars, so don't make the mistake of jumping in with just because you found a good price. Follow these tips on buying a backup generator, so you can rest assured you made the correct purchase.

Buy a Solar Power Generator

If you're looking for a backup generator for work or for emergencies, you can't go wrong with a solar powered generator. Portable solar power generator systems are available for use outdoors while you're working on DIY projects. Portable ones are also perfect for tenants who rent mobile homes or houses. Homeowners can purchase larger systems to power their entire house, or portions of it. The sun won't run out and you can have access to it, unlike some of the generators that rely on non-renewable energy sources.

Buy a Human Power Generator

Your options here are a hand-cranked or bike generator. These require you (or someone) to generate electricity through motion, either through hand or foot pedaling. Why put any work into generating your own electricity when you can buy a gas powered generator or use solar power? You may not be able to store that much gas on your property due to zoning and safety issues, or you might be a renter. Also, there are rainy and snowy days in most places, and a solar powered generator won't be able to generate as much electricity on those days. While it's true that you could store the energy in a battery, you still have the problem of needing to replace the energy when you deplete it. You might be waiting for days before the sun comes back out and you may need to use electricity in the mean time. That's where a hand-cranked or bike generator comes in, with the latter being your best option. You can purchase a bike generator system at

Only Buy Wind if it's Proven in Your Neighborhood

Wind powered systems don't work well in all areas. It's true that every city or town gets windy from time to time. However, it's not true that generators built with wind turbines will work for you. Before you buy a wind powered generator, which can be expensive, find someone near you that's using it successfully. Don't be the maverick "wind guy" in your neighborhood, because you may be disappointed and give up on renewable energy. If no one else is using it, but have gravitated to solar or gas, there's a reason for it, and you should find out why.

A backup generator is becoming a must-have tool for anyone who wants to be prepared for emergencies or reduce their utility bills. Use these tips to help you find one that's reliable and worth the investment.

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