Tips on Choosing the Right Drapery Hardware Tips on Choosing the Right Drapery Hardware

The drapery hardware that you use is just as important as the rest of your drapery decisions. Without the correct hardware your drapes could fall right to the floor. The hardware needs to be able to hold the weight of the fabric, the rod material and any downward pressure that might be exerted against the hooks while opening the drapes. The drapery hardware is simply the pieces that hold the rod and drapery to the wall.


Finials are the decorative ends that you can place on the end of curtain rods. They allow you to customize the design of the rod to compliment the drapery and the room design. Styles are available in wood, metal and plastic and they are available in many different designs such as soccer balls, glass crystals, smoked glass, iron styles and much more. You can even have custom finials made to match another design element in the room perfectly.

Matching Brackets and Screws

When you are putting up your brackets for installation it is important that you use screws that are the same finish as the hardware. Many different brackets are not hidden by the drapes and you will want to make sure that the uniformity is there. If you misplace a special finish screw then it is important to find a replacement of the same finish.

Decorative Brackets

There are also decorative brackets available to match the room décor or that will compliment or match the finials. Metal designs that are forged as de fluers, butterflies or many other designs.

How Much Support?

When you purchase your rods they will usually come with enough brackets to hold the weight that any drapery fabric could put on it. If you are making your own rods and selecting your own mounting hardware than you need to make certain that the spacing of your brackets allows for the drapes to be opened and any weight that will be exerted on them.


When referring to hooks as hardware you could be talking about the hooks that attach to the rod to move the drapes or the tie back hooks that allow you to tie back your drapes to allow for light to enter or to view a second drape below.

You have just as many choices of drapery hardware as you do drapery rods in style and design. You can choose hardware that is hidden from view as well as hardware that is right out in the open to add to the style and design elements in your room. The hardware is much more than an attachment to the wall it is a functional piece that is working even when you do not see it.

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