Tips on Cleaning Vinyl Records

What You'll Need
Vinyl records
Rubbing alcohol
2 gallon bucket
Mixing spoon
Microfiber cloths
Distilled water

There are collectors of vinyl records even to these days with the emergence of new technologies in the music scene. These types of antique vinyl records may be purchased at used music stores. The values of these finds may increase despite its condition that is why its maintenance is essential. These records may be found to be dirty and dusty which could affect its sound. The appropriate ways to clean these kinds of possession should be done to ensure that the items will not get damaged and the antique vinyl records may be enjoyed for long.

Step 1 - Solution of Water and Alcohol

In a bucket, make a solution of 1 part rubbing alcohol and 3 parts warm distilled water. Mix thoroughly the combination of water and alcohol with a mixing spoon to ensure that the alcohol content is well-distributed with the water.

Step 2 - Readying the Records to Clean

Soak a microfiber cloth into the solution in the bucket. Carefully wring the cloth to take out water that soaked it so that no water drippings will totally wet the vinyl antique record. Position the records with the label side up onto a clean flat surface to ready the clean-up.

Step 3 - Wiping off Dirt from the Record

The microfiber cloth may now be wiped starting by the outer edge of the record then working your way inwards tracing out the circular line markings on the record. Make a spiral motion in wiping ending up by the center of the record. Dirt and dust may get more accumulated by the bigger part of the record so concentrate more on the outer circle.

Step 4 - Clean Record with Distilled Water

Carefully hold the record standing up by the sink and wet it with distilled water on both sides of the record to take out the alcohol solution that was wiped into it. With a new wash cloth, wet this in plain water and lightly wipe the record in a downward direction to further remove remaining dirt trapped in it.

Step 5 - Cleaning the Other Side of the Record

Position the records again on a clean flat surface with the label facing down. Perform Steps 2 through 4 for this side of the record.

Step 6 - Drying the Record

Using a dry soft cloth, lightly dab dry the records and remove any water spots to prevent it from drying onto the record. Be extra careful in this process to protect the record from scratches.

Some Essential Points to Remember:

When the record does not play after cleaning, bring it back to the store where it was originally purchased. The store may have a special machine that can do a more comprehensive cleaning which the regular cleaning could not do. When the records get dry, it must be returned to its cover or sleeve. Never use rough cleaning materials like abrasives to clean the record. Avoid exposing the records to heat to prevent the record from melting.