Tips on Creating Nautical Home Decor Ideas Tips on Creating Nautical Home Decor Ideas

Incorporate nautical home decor into your beach house or cottage to give your home a theme, adding comfort and elegance. Follow these tips when decorating your home in a nautical style for an authentic, tasteful look.


A fresh coat of paint is as important in a home as it is on a boat. Good dominant colors for a nautical-inspired home are blue and white, mirroring the ocean and sky. According to feng shui principles, black, as well as blue, represents water. Just black, white and blue gets boring; sandy tan, sand dollar white and sea-foam green are good secondary colors. Paint walls with neutral shades of tan and white to make rooms appear bigger and to give you more freedom when choosing colors for furniture and other decorating items. Splashes of red and yellow add excitement and color. Bouquets of flowers, colorful paintings, throw pillows or blankets should all be chosen carefully to complement your chosen color scheme and maintain your ocean theme.

Raid a Ship

Search online, at garage sales or flea markets for instruments and other objects that were once on a ship. If you have quick access to a boat yard or harbor, walk the docks. You are likely to meet a boat owner who may sell you bits and pieces off his boat, or at least let you look around for ideas of what you like. An old compass, a ship wheel, a sextant, a small anchor, a porthole or some fishing net can help add authenticity to your theme. Choose a couple, high-quality antiques to keep your house from looking like a museum.

There are many practical decor items, like clocks and lamps that can incorporate a ship's instrument into their design. Portholes or a ship wheels with the inner part removed can make an excellent frame for a clock or painting. Add light and nautical atmosphere to rooms using oil lanterns.

Glass Buoys

Once upon a time, fishing vessels used buoys made of glass. These colorful glass spheres come in all different sizes. Not only do they add color, but their interesting history will make for a great communication piece. A large number of glass buoys were manufactured in Japan, and they have been discovered popping up all over the western coast of the United States. Originally, these buoys would have been snugly wrapped in netting with a rope on the end. Now they may come with or without the netting. Hang several from the ceiling by forming a pouch out of pieces of fishing net and hanging the net from a hook on the ceiling.

Smells Like the Ocean

Infusing your home with subtle scents that echo the ocean and beach will bring the ocean closer to you. Hints of coconut, lime, salt or other prepared tropical or ocean scents will encourage you to breathe deeper and slower, bringing relaxation and peace.

Bring the beauty of the ocean to your home by decorating with a nautical theme!

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