Tips on Cutting Shed Trusses Tips on Cutting Shed Trusses

Construction and installation of shed trusses may appear to most as a difficult task, but it is actually fun and exciting. There are 3 types of trusses created to support your shed, namely: saltbox, gable, and gambrel. Each of these consists of pieces of lumber, which have to be assembled first on the ground, before installation and attachment to the roofing frame. Depending on the width and how long the shed is, the number of trusses you will need significantly vary.  Here are tips on how to be successful in cutting the appropriate trusses for your shed.

Get the Right Measurement

Before you proceed in cutting the trusses and assembling the materials, get the measurements of the roof of your shed. The sizes of the trusses should be enough to support the roof. Trusses that are too short or too long will not serve their purpose well.

Select the Appropriate Design

Given the variety of options to choose from, trusses should fit into the existing design of your shed roof. Otherwise, you might just be investing in something which may not be appropriate for the shed roof. Review the design of the shed roof before purchasing the trusses to be used.

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