Tips on Installing Roof Joists Tips on Installing Roof Joists

Installing roof joists is certainly a hefty job. Roof joists are the basic part of the construction of the roof, and they take its complete load. You can get different styles of roof joists custom made and delivered to your site. If you have the expertise, strength and experience in this type of work, you can install the roof joists with the assistance of a helper.

Here are a few important tips for roof joist installation:


This involves marking the position of each joist and placing them on the exterior wall according to the design of the building and recommendations of the manufacturers.

You can follow the SBCA standards for calculating the spacing of joists. The spacing normally depends on the span of the joists. You can get charts from Structural Building Components Association to calculate the spacing.

Ground Bracing

For stability, the first stress is braced to the ground. It is preferable to brace it internally within the structure. Alternatively, you can brace it outside also. However, inside bracing is recommended, particularly if the outside ground is not leveled.


It is easiest to use a crane or a rig for hoisting each joist in its position. Also, use the proper equipment meant for positioning the joists if the height is more than 30 feet. Two people can work together to install the joists up to 30 feet in height. You can use the supports to stand and slide joists to their marked location.


After you install each joist into its proper position, it is necessary to fix the temporary braces with nails to keep them in position against strong winds while installing them. Use the braces as recommended by the manufacturers.

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