Tips On Moving Your Room Divider

Moving your room divider does not have to be a hassle. While most of today’s room dividers are lightweight and very easy to move, there are some that you will simply need help with. If you have a heavier room dividers you will want to take special care to protect it. You have most likely made a large investment in purchasing your divider so here are a few ideas to move it safely and with ease.


You may want to consider disconnecting the panels on your divider. If you have a picture frame room divider, or a glass room divider, you will want to properly pad it for your move so it will not be damaged. Make sure to wrap padding around it securely so it does not slip. You can use items like bubble wrap or blankets to pad your room divider.

Furniture Dollies

If you are moving something like a heavy wood room divider, this is what you are going to want. You fold your room divider and slid the lip of the dolly underneath it, tilt back and roll. This can be used for moving a very heavy room divider from room to room, or to move it out to a truck. Take the time to secure the load to the dolly if it is an awkward room divider or very large.

Add Wheels

Some room dividers come with wheels already attached to make them a lot easier to move around. You may want to look into the possibility of adding a set of wheels to your room divider. For some dividers this may ruin their look and you would not want to do this, and on others it would go perfectly so it is something for you to consider.

Two People

When all else fails, call a friend or family member. Two people are better than one in this situation, and if your room divider is heavy enough, maybe three or four people. You would fold up your room divider and each person takes an end. Make sure you lift with your knees and you not your back. Use care when doing this, and if you feel the room divider slipping, then stop and take a break.

No matter the means you use to move your room divider just be sure to go slow and easy. You will have less chance of running into problems if you take the time to watch where you are going. If you are moving your room divider to another room, make sure you have already cleared the area in which you are going to place your divider to make it a little less of a headache. If you still have questions on how to move your room divider then please refer to your owner’s manual. If you are not physically capable to move your room divider, consider hiring someone to come and move it for you.