Tips on Pouring Concrete when Slabjacking Tips on Pouring Concrete when Slabjacking

Slab jacking is a method used to fix sinking due to creating an improper base while pouring concrete the first time. Often times, especially when contractors are involved, fill dirt is used as the base for a concrete slab instead of a granular like sand. This fill dirt can retain air pockets and unsettled portions of dirt that will settle over time, causing your concrete to sink.

Slab Jacking Method

When slab jacking, holes are drilled in the sunken concrete, and a good base sand mixed with other things is poured into the holes. The sand mixture will fill the air pockets underneath and hydraulically lift the concrete slab to even out the surface. This sand mixture makes an excellent permanent base for your concrete.

Pouring Concrete

When you re-pour your concrete in the damaged areas, it is best to make a mixture and then spread it evenly by hand. There are several hand tools you can use to apply concrete manually, and this will allow you to fill all crevices and make a nice, finished look to your newly evened our slab. Make sure to fill all of the holes that you made for pouring in the lifting sand mixture and fix any areas that were damaged by the original sinking.

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