Tips on Pouring Your Own Concrete Walls Tips on Pouring Your Own Concrete Walls

Pouring your own concrete walls is one way to save money when adding to your home. If done right, concrete is a smart material to use for counters and tables, as well as walls. When you pour concrete yourself for the living room, kitchen or bathroom walls, there are some things to remember if you want it to last.

Setting Forms and Brackets

It’s vital to have the proper forms and brackets and to have them set correctly. This is what will hold your concrete in place until it is set. The risk is that your living room wall will set crookedly. This is a costly mistake that will not be easy to fix.

Having Proper Permits

When adding concrete walls to your home, you must have the proper permits for your area. You are changing the structure or remodeling, so this is necessary.

Mix it Up Right

Follow the concrete manufacturer’s mixing instructions to a tee. Mistakes with mixing and measurements are also very difficult to fix and are easily avoided.

Utilize Reinforcements

Don’t skimp on reinforcements. The structure of your home is at stake so be sure to use quality rebar and mesh and to use the appropriate quantity.

Pouring your own concrete walls will give you a source of pride and enjoyment, so take the time to do it right.


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