Tips on Sewing: How to Sew a Shirt V-neck

A man in a black v neck shirt
What You'll Need
Crew neck shirt
Sewing machine
Thread which matches the color of the shirt
Measuring tape

A V-neck shirt helps add drama to an ordinary t-shirt. With just a few simple steps, you can alter the look of an old shirt, making it seem new again. Perfect for those with round faces, V-necks are a timeless style.

Step 1 - Cut Way Excess T-Shirt

A woman wears a v-neck shirt.

You start by taking a look at the shirt you want to alter. If it has a wide collar piece, then start by cutting this out of the shirt. What will remain is the shirt which can then be changed. With the shirt flat on an ironing board or table, decide where you want the V to sit. Measure the distance along the back of the shirt as well as down the sides to see if you need more fabric than the collar may provide. In that case, you will need to go to a fabric store before continuing. Iron down the collar piece you have to ensure it can be sewn evenly.

Step 2 - Create the V Neckline

Once you have the pieces of the collar, fashion the V that you want to sew into the shirt. Secure the piece together in the V shape with pins. You might also want to pin the collar to the shirt itself to see how it lays on the shirt. You might even try on the shirt at this point to ensure your measurements are accurate. This is also a good time to check to see if the thickness of the V is acceptable to your needs. Some like thicker V borders while others like thinner borders. Note that thicker V neck borders are easier to sew. Each of the sides of the V should be the same length and thickness or else you might find the V doesn’t sit well on the skin.

Step 3 - Sew the V in Place

A woman wears a v-neck shirt.

Take the shirt, turn it inside out, and sew the pinned V into place with a basis stitch to connect the fabrics together. Once you have one side of the shirt sewn in place, turn the shirt over and go back over the stitches with a top stitch. In doing so, you create a strong stitch. Flip the shirt inside out and check the evenness of the stitches. If the stitches are uneven, rip them out and start again. If you want to add drama, try using a different colored thread and bold stitches which will show on the outside of the shirt.

Cotton T-shirts are trickier than stiffer fabrics when creating a V neck. But the same steps apply. By simply changing the neckline, you can change your entire look—and closet, if you're really motivated.