Tips on Sewing Lycra

Sewing Lycra can prove tricky to a novice. With these few simple tips, you can master sewing this thin fabric.

The Trouble with Lycra

While Lycra is smooth and shiny, perfect for beautiful sewing projects, it is also very thin. This makes it difficult to stitch into without damaging the fabric or creating a garment which is too weak to wear. The stretchiness of the fabric can also cause troubles when sewing. Realize too that this fabric will be flowy as opposed to stiff which makes it less reasonable for structured patterns.

Lycra Sewing Tips

  • To begin, you will want to cut your patterns on tissue paper and pin the Lycra on this paper before you cut it. This will prevent stretching and give it more weight.
  • When stitching, use the ballpoint needle in your machine as well as zigzag stitches to ensure the seams will be secure.
  • Double needles are another way to prevent troubles with sewing thin fabrics.
  • When pinning the fabric before sewing it, only use pins when absolutely necessary to prevent tears and holes in the final product.

Sewing Lycra allows you to create lingerie or other silky garments. With special care, you can add silky touches without adding stress.