Tips to Install Waterproofing Bitumen Membrane Tips to Install Waterproofing Bitumen Membrane

A bitumen membrane is a cost effective way to help to waterproof your roof and, depending on which bitumen membrane, your walls. Installing a bitumen membrane varies from situation to situation. The article that follows will provide some tips on installing a bitumen membrane effectively.

Multiple Layers

There is much debate over whether using more than 1 layer of bitumen membrane is effective. The short answer is no. Do not make the installation process more difficult, by making yourself do it twice.


You can find bitumen membrane in a pour-on style. When using this product, be careful with it, and try to spread it out evenly using large brushes. Nylon brushes are best, as they will not leave behind bristles which can hurt the finish and effectiveness.

Roll and Burn

You can also purchase a bitumen membrane in a roll. Once the membrane is rolled out on the roof you need to burn it in place. Do so using a propane torch. Get the flame close enough to melt it and make sure you move the torch evenly, to not burn holes through the material.

Measure Accurately

When installing a bitumen membrane, always measure the area accurately. This will ensure no space is left uncovered, and that you purchase enough product.

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