Tips to Keep Woodpeckers Away from Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is one of the most popular for homeowners. It lends a warm, natural touch to a home, which makes it a welcome retreat. Unfortunately, woodpeckers are also attracted to the siding. They come to hunt for insects which they can feed on. The birds also come to nest in the wood. Frequent visits by these birds can lead to the fast deterioration of your siding. They can create holes as deep as 3 inches in the wood. This encourages infiltration of moisture, leakages and rot. It also creates more maintenance work for you, because you have to fill the holes. It is best to take steps to keep woodpeckers away from your siding. Whatever method you choose, be careful not to harm the birds, as they are federally protected. Some effective tips are outlined below.

Keep Insects Away

Wood siding is usually attacked by insects such as carpenter ants and carpenter bees. This is because it makes a comfortable place for them to nest in. Unfortunately, woodpeckers feed on insects and like to hunt them down in wood siding. It helps if you control insect infestation in your home. Arrange to have an exterminator inspect your home periodically for insects, and give the appropriate treatment.

Shiny Objects

Woodpeckers have a strong dislike for shiny objects and prefer to keep away from such items. It is a good idea to attach some reflective tape or aluminum foil around the areas where the birds visit. Keep the shiny material in place for a long duration. You may also want to use windsocks with reflective surfaces. Install these in various places along your siding. The shiny surfaces and motion will keep the woodpeckers away.

Create Some Noise

Woodpeckers tend to shy away from noise. It helps if you create some noise in the areas they seem to be attracted to. Hang some wind chimes in different places on your siding. Once the wind blows, they’ll create some noise which will frighten the birds. You may also want to invest in motion sensor devices. Install these in areas where the woodpeckers are drawn to. When the birds arrive, the device emits a sound which scares off the birds.

Divert the Birds

Create an alternative home for the woodpeckers. They could be attracted to your cedar siding because they have no place to nest. A dead tree can make a good home for the woodpeckers. Place the tree somewhere in your compound, a good distance from the house. The birds will most likely flock to the tree and forget about your siding.

Suet Feeder

Woodpeckers love to feed on suet. Set up a suet feeder away from your house. Hang an old log on a tree branch. Drill large holes in various places in the log and fill the holes with suet feed. This will draw the woodpeckers and distract them from the hunt for insects in your siding. Be sure to restock the feeder frequently, so that the birds have an adequate supply of food when they come.