Tips to Paint and Decorate Kitchen Soffits

Kitchen soffits can improve the appearance of your kitchen. You can choose to paint them in the same color as the walls, or personalize the space. The soffits can be painted in different colors or decorated with various items. It is important to choose decorations that will be resistant in a high moisture environment and will not be affected if grease and oil are carried up to the soffits by cooking smoke.

Paint the Kitchen Soffits

If you want to paint the kitchen soffits, you should choose the most appropriate style. Kitchens decorated in a rather minimalist style, should use simple geometric shapes to decorate the soffits. If you want your kitchen to look dynamic, you can resort to colorful geometric figures or patterns.

If you intend to throw paint, make sure you protect other items in your kitchen from getting spoiled with paint. You can also stick your hands in the paint and make colored handprints. Make sure you use non toxic paint if you intend to finger paint.

Before you start painting, clean the surface thoroughly using detergent. Make sure you remove all grease, especially in the stove area. Let the surface dry completely. If you have to make some repairs to the surface, prime the area with latex primer. Given that kitchen soffits are exposed to humidity and grease, it is important that you choose paint which allows you to clean the surface without washing out. You can use acrylic paint or oil paint.

Apply Writing

You can also write something on the kitchen soffits. It can be your favorite quote, a funny saying connected to eating or cooking or just some random words that inspire you. If you are not sure that your handwriting looks good enough, you can always print paper models for the letters.

Make sure you use special paint and that the smoke and humidity in your kitchen does not ruin your work.

Decorative Items

There are various decorative items you can hang on your kitchen soffits. You can buy decorative ceramic plates with different patterns on them or blank plates which you can decorate as you please. This gives a rustic aspect to your kitchen.

This is a safe solution, provided that you use paint which resists to humidity. You can easily clean decorative plates. 

Photos and Prints

Photos and other prints can be placed on your kitchen soffits. You can either make a few larger posters with your photos or you can print them in different sizes and hang them in a pattern of your choice.

Another option would be to turn your kitchen into a work-in-progress. For instance, if you are fond of cooking, you can take pictures of the dishes you make and add them on the wall as you make them. The good thing about the pictures is that they can easily be changed, so you can turn the kitchen soffits into a permanently changing exhibition area.

You can use regular frames for the photos or you can draw the frames on the kitchen soffits and place the photos in the middle.

Make sure you protect your photos and prints from moisture. You have several solutions at hand: you can laminate the photos, fix them with glass or apply a thin layer of sprays that protect photos from moisture.