Tips to Prepare for Installing Residential Garage Doors Tips to Prepare for Installing Residential Garage Doors

Residential garage doors can become damaged over time. Wood doors can rot, metal doors can rust and any number of accidents can happen. Installing residential garage doors can be a tedious and difficult project. However, you can make the project easier with proper planning. The information below will share some tips with you on how to properly prepare for installing residential garage doors.

Inspect the Torsion Springs

If you have an electric garage door, then you need to inspect the torsion springs. This is the large spring on the motor assembly which creates and maintains torque to lift the residential garage doors. Check for rust or damage. Replace it before you install the garage doors.

Reference Material

The directions found in manual can be confusing when you are installing residential garage doors. Remove the old garage doors and disassemble it completely. Lay it on the ground in front of the garage and use it as a map of to install the new residential garage door.


The tracks that the residential garage doors rest on can become rusty and covered in grime and dirt. Sand the tracks down and clean them thoroughly. This will help with the new door's movement.

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