Tips to Prevent Your Coleus from Wilting

group of coleus plants

The coleus plant is vibrantly colored and can be used as either a ground covering, a border, or trained to grow up a trellis. The many different colors of coleus make it an attractive plant for many gardeners. But watch out, coleus plants will wilt if you don't care for them properly. Here are some tips to prevent your coleus from wilting.

1. Do Not Overwater

Coleus like to be in soil that is moist, but not soggy. When the ground gets too wet, it will cause the plant to be waterlogged and begin to wilt. Let the soil dry out a little before starting to water again.

2. Wind And Sun Damage


When the Coleus receives too much wind and sun, it can dry out quickly. Small browning around the edges of the leaves and a general drooping is a sign that it is drying out. Water the plant to bring back its vibrancy.

3. Too Much Fertilizer

After you add some fertilizer to the soil, you should only add it a few more times during the season. If the vibrancy of the colors is gone, and you see the plant shrink a little, it is getting too much fertilizer. Stop feeding it and let it absorb what is in the soil.