Tips to Remove Caulking

If you want to remove caulk from any room in the house, you have to be prepared to fight with the whitish stains that make your sinks and tubs look funny. Caulk is the type of sealer used in joints and tiles, but sometimes it can end up anywhere upon installation. Once you have completed the task you will feel proud and satisfied. If you follow certain tips you will be able to complete the caulk removing process easily and effectively. 

Choose the Proper Chemicals

There are many chemicals and anti-caulk products in the market that are able to eliminate the mildew, so that you will not need to repeat the cleaning process more than once. The process can be lengthy and requires a lot of scraping, so you need to be prepared to spend some time. Chemicals will help you finish the task in a very professional way.


The most important part of the caulk removal process is scraping. You need to scrap the caulk manually. You will need to have the proper tools in advance. You need to go to your local hardware store and buy the razor blades and other scraping tools available. You should consider buying gloves because you need to protect your hands both while scraping. 

Use Water

Whenever you have to remove and scrape something off the floor, tiles or tubes, it is a good idea to use lubricants or water. If you want to avoid using chemicals, water is a great option. Water will not only soften the caulk, but will also prevent scratches on the surface from which you are removing the caulk.