Tips to Repair a Chipped Storage Credenza

A storage credenza is a piece of furniture which goes through a lot of use. Consequently, with all the frequent opening and closing of the drawers which compose it, there may be a few chips here and there. Hence, it is a good idea to be able to repair such areas, so as to enhance its look and improve its life. Here are a few basic tips and guidelines to bear in mind.

Analyze the Chippings

Make sure to analyze the chippings carefully, so as to ascertain whether the repair will need to be done only for aesthetic purposes or not. Most chippings are not that deep, and so you may not need to repair the interior wooden element itself.

The Color

A vital aspect is to make sure to match the chipped area with the remaining parts of the credenza. Hence, the color chosen is fundamental in determining the neatness of the final result.

Preparing the Area

Prior to carrying out any repairing, make sure to prepare the area you will patch up adequately. There may be small wooden bits sticking out. These will need to be removed. Smoother it as much as possible with a sandpaper and clean the interior with a brush to remove dust and other residues.

Wax Fill Sticks

You can use wax fill sticks to patch up the chipped area. The wax will fill up the void. Apply pressure to do this procedure well, and then press a flat piece of wood or cardboard to make it more linear. Then, wipe away any excess wax with a rag.

Wood Putty

Some chippings are easily repaired by filling them up with wood putty. Make sure to use putty of a matching color, so as to reduce the impact of the previously chipped patch. Allow it to dry well and then you should sand it lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper to smooth it out, especially if the area is quite large.

Paint or Stain

If you are lucky enough that the wood putty you used is an exact match of the credenza's color, then you may not need to paint or stain the chipped area. However, if the credenza has a particular finish, such as stain or paint, you need to go a step further when repairing a chipped part. You need to choose a paint or stain which best matches the rest of the credenza, so as to ensure neatness and reduce the noticeability of the patched area. Use a small paintbrush, and be careful how many coatings to apply as too many may result in a thicker patch, which will be noticed when looked at and discerned with the remaining parts of the credenza. Keep an eye on the sheen, and any grain lines as well.

You may also need to use lacquer, or dye powder. The most important thing is that you attempt to complement the repaired area with the remaining parts of the credenza. There are various products available in hardware stores. Try to test them on a part of the credenza which is not in the exterior area, so as not to be noticeable. Use appropriate tools, and exercise patience throughout so as to hopefully manage to achieve a satisfactory result.