Tips to Repair Cracked Ceramic Bathroom Countertops

Thankfully, ceramic bathroom countertops are among the easiest cracks to repair . If you find yourself with a cracked ceramic bathroom countertop, do not panic. Here are a few tips that can help you remedy the situation.

Use Epoxy

When just a small piece of the ceramic bathroom countertop breaks, you can typically use epoxy to stick it back into place. Match the epoxy to the color of your counter and apply it to the piece that came off. Hold it on for several minutes. If it stays on, but you can still see a line where it cracked, you can easily fill it in with colored wax.

Insert Pins

If a bigger part of the counter comes off, and it is unable to be glued, you may have to insert metal to hold it in position. While this task is a little bit more difficult, it is possible to do on your own. Drill a metal pin or post into the piece that broke. Drill into the other section so that the pin can be inserted. Fit the pieces together and use epoxy to secure it.