Toilet Assembly in 8 Steps Toilet Assembly in 8 Steps

What You'll Need
New toilet complete with all components
Spirit level

Toilet assembly can be easy or difficult depending on your abilities, the type of toilet,and where you’re assembling it. Even though toilets differ in terms of design and style, it’s possible to provide a useful all-round guide to their assembly. Follow the simple steps below to effectively assemble any toilet.

Step 1 – Lay out the Components

To begin, unpack the components of your new toilet and safely lay them out where you can see them. Keep all small parts in a place where they won’t get lost, and familiarize yourself with what you’ve got before you start. Remember that ceramic parts are easily damaged, so be sure to place them on sponge packaging or soft carpet.

Step 2 – Clean the Flange

If you’re replacing another toilet, there will probably be pieces or ceramic or other remains around the flange where your new toilet will connect to the floor. In the spirit of working methodically and keeping everything clean and efficient, you’ll want to remove anything unwanted from around the flange, and to brush it so that all dust is removed.

Step 3 – Make Sure the Largest Parts Fit

It should be relatively easy to put the largest components in place. The bowl should fit neatly on the flange and the tank on the wall above and behind it. Take care not to drop anything on the floor and make sure things fit well before moving on.

Step 4 – Secure the Bowl Ring

One of your components will be a flange, hopefully one with a wax ring around it. This needs to be attached inside the tank. It’s important to effectively attach this so as to avoid the possibility of it breaking and allowing gasses and liquids to escape. Turn the tank upside down and press the ring into place. Attach the flange bolts and the plastic keeper and make sure that everything is secure before proceeding.

Step 5 – Mark the Places Where Bolts Attach the Flange

When the bowl is once again in place, it won’t be possible to see the bolts used to attach the flange to the floor. Mark the places where they are or point to them with rulers or some screwdrivers so that you can find them later.

Step 6 – Set the Bowl on the Flange

Carefully set the bowl down on the flange and press down. A good way to ease the bowl onto the flange is to sit on it.

Step 7 – Plastic Cover Clip, Washer and Brass Nut

Install these gently but firmly, bearing in mind that over-tightening the nuts can cause the porcelain to crack or break.

Step 8 – Attach the Tank

Among your components you’ll find a triangular gasket that needs to be put in place for the tank to attach to the bowl. Once this is in place you should lift the tank onto the bowl and insert 3 screws into the holes you see. Use a washer and a nut on each of these screws. Tighten the screws to flatten the toilet gasket and seal the holes. Tighten screws all around and use a spirit level to ensure that your fitted toilet and tank is level.

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