Toilet Bowl Brush Holders: Chic and Sanitary

It is hard to conceive of a toilet bowl brush being both chic and sanitary, but nowadays it's true. Product designers are creating more imaginative designs that are fashionable and aesthetically pleasing for the most utilitarian of objects, even the lowly toilet bowl brush.

Clean and Sleek
The next time you visit a store in search of a toilet bowl brush, it is possible you may walk right by them on the shelf. While you can still get classic bowl brushes, the traditional designs are becoming something of the past with new stylish, modern designs quickly replacing them. These new designs of both bowl brushes and toilet brush holders camouflage something that many homeowners have long considered unsightly and wanted to keep hidden.

Scrub and Flush
Additionally, new designs consider the dirty job that a toilet bowl brush must do. Disposable wand style toilet bowl brushes are a big hit allowing the scrubbing brush to be flushed when done cleaning. This is a welcome option, leaving no dirty or germ laden toilet brush behind to be stored.