How Your Toilet Flush Tank Works How Your Toilet Flush Tank Works

Did you ever wonder how your toilet flush tank works? Beyond the basics of water coming and going through the tank to dispose of waste, there's actually a rather interesting system in operation.

The main force used by most toilet tanks for flushing is gravity. Once the user presses on the toilet handle, water contained in the tank begins to pour out through holes under the rim of the bowl. As more water passes through the hole, the velocity of the water increases, as does the pressure, creating a partial vacuum and a sucking (siphon) action, which pulls both waste and water out of the bowl and into the sewage treatment system.

Other types of toilets discharge waste in other ways. The dual flush toilet, while operating similarly to most toilets, allows for adjustment of water use and velocity used for flushing depending on whether the waste is liquid or not. The waterless toilet, a "green option" among toilet models, breaks waste down into a slurry by chopping or burning the substance into fertilizer, which can then be used on the family garden.

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