Toilet Flush Valve Toilet Flush Valve

The toilet flush valve is the mechanism that enables the toilet flush to work.

 It is made up of the following components:

  • Lever connected to the toilet flush handle;
  • Lift chain connected to the lever and the tank ball or flapper (depending on your system);
  • Tank ball or flapper (depending on your system); and
  • Toilet flush valve seat. This is essentially a hole in the bottom of the toilet tank.

Problems with Toilet Valves
If you have a problem with your toilet, the first thing you should do is lift off the toilet tank lid to get a good look at the toilet flush valve.

Look at the list of components of toilet valves listed above. Are they in good condition or corroded? Damaged flappers, seals and tank balls are the most common causes of problems with toilet flush valves, so they should be replaced if they are split or worn.

When replacing or fixing a toilet flush valve, the water supply to the toilet tank should be switched off.


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