Toilet Installation Toilet Installation

Toilet installation is straightforward if you carry out all of the necessary preparation.

Make sure that all the pipes and equipment you have are fit for toilet installation and comply with local code restrictions. Check you have all the tools you will need. Toilet installation is a task that is best to start and finish in one attempt.

Step 1 – Check the flooring around the roughed-in plumbing
Before you can begin your toilet installation, you must check that the roughed in plumbing is ready to accept the toilet. You also need to decide whether you will be able to fit flooring around the base of the new toilet after you have fitted it, or whether it would be prudent to fit some flooring around the toilet floor flange during the toilet installation. In most cases, flooring should be fitted during toilet installation.

Step 2 – Get ready to secure the flange and the bowl to the floor
Prepare to secure the bowl to the flange and closet bend. The bowl will be fitted to the flange with bolts, a wax seal and plumber’s putty. However, before you apply any of these things, place the bowl in situ for a “dry run” to ensure that, when it is on top of the flange, it is level. If it is not, you will encounter plumbing problems later.

Up until a few years ago, it was common for cement to be used in toilet installation. This practice has now stopped and most toilet manufacturers’ guarantees will be voided if cement is used.

Step 3 – Secure the bowl to the flange
Turn the bowl upside down and apply the wax seal. Then place the bowl on its base and bolt to the flange in the correct place. Continue to use the level at all times during toilet installation and check that the flange is level as you apply plumber’s putty to the base.

Step 4 – Fit the tank to the bowl
Lower the tank onto the bowl and secure in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The toilet installation process is almost complete, as you tighten the mounting and hold-down bolts, nuts and washers, checking all the time that the tank is level.

Step 5 – Complete the toilet installation by plumbing it in!
The supply stub out is at the bottom of the tank. Connect this to a shutoff valve, which should be linked by flexible tubing to the shutoff valve at the end of the supply line stub.

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