Fixing Common Toilet Problems

The following toilet problems can be easily fixed by the homeowner with minimal cost.

Toilet Running Constantly
This is likely to be due to a defect in the operation of the toilet tank. Remove the lid of the tank and flush the toilet to try to identify toilet problems.

The following defects can cause toilet problems:

Is the water level too high? If so, it may be running into the overflow pipe. Simply remove some water from the tank and the toilet should stop running.

Is the lift chain connected to the handle? If it has become disconnected, then the flush ball or flap may not be functioning properly when the user operates the flush handle.

Is there a hole in float? If so, the refill valve will not be operating properly as the valve will not be “telling” the system that the tank has already reached the required level.

Has the flapper perished? These seal the tank from the bowl while the flush is not in operation. Once the flapper has perished, toilet problems are inevitable as the tank constantly empties itself into the bowl.

Wet Bathroom Floor
Check the tank bolts and connections to the water tank. If they have become loose, there may be a leak caused by a faulty seal or loose connection. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest toilet problems to solve. In rare cases there may be a crack in the bowl. This is one of the most serious toilet problems, as the bowl will need to be replaced completely.

Clogged toilet
Toilet problems can be caused by overuse of toilet paper or objects dropped down the toilet by a small child. For a small clog, using a plunger may clear the blockage. However, for more substantial clogged toilet problems, an auger will be necessary. This is an unpleasant task, so encourage your family to be stingy with toilet paper to avoid toilet problems!

Loose Toilet Handle
A loose handle can cause toilet problems because it may not trigger the flush mechanism efficiently. However, handles can be easily tightened and are one of the cheapest things to replace if broken.

Noisy Toilet
If the water pressure is too high, the flush valve may have worn away. If this is the case, replacing the flush valve will only be a temporary solution as the underlying problem (high water pressure) will still be present. Contact your water supplier to discuss the issue and prevent further toilet problems.