Toilet Repair: Flush Valve Basics

What You'll Need
Replacement Valve

The toilet flush valve controls the flow of water into the bowl of your toilet. Sometimes, this flush valve can stop working correctly, leading to an overflow of water into the bowl or very little water at all. Repairing the flush valve will prevent water from overflowing and can be done quickly and simply.

Step 1 - Turn off the Water

Switch off the water to your toilet, either by turning off the shut off valve, which is located behind the toilet bowl, or by turning off the mains water supply. You should then flush the toilet several times to empty the tank.

Step 2 - Remove the Old Valve

You should then take the top off of your toilet tank and take the flushing chain off of the valve by simply unhooking it. Pull the flushing valve upwards and remove from the tank.

Step 3 - Add the new Valve

Put the new valve onto the hole in the overflow tube which you created and check that it fits properly. Put the hook into the new valve and then replace the chain which you had previously removed. Before you replace the tank lid, turn the water back on and check that the valve is working correctly.