Toilet Repair: How to Repair a Broken Chain Toilet Repair: How to Repair a Broken Chain

When it comes to toilet repair, how to fix a broken chain is often the main concern. If the chain rusts or breaks, you may need to replace it, but on occasions, it can be perfectly and soundly repaired.

How Bad is it?

If the chain has rusted right through and it no longer suitable for its purpose, you are better off purchasing a new chain. You can do this at the local plumbing store or buy a suitably strong chain from a DIY store. If the chain is simply snapped, you can reattach it by using a set of needle nose pliers and squeezing the links back together.

The Whole Chain

If the chain is intact but the top link has come away from the handle lever, you can open the link, slip the chain back inside, and use the needle nose pliers to clamp the link back down.

The Plug

If the chain has come away at the plug end where the release valve sits, you will need to lift the release valve from the hole. This will empty the tank, but you should also shut off the water supply while you work. This will prevent water from filling the tank and running straight out of the valve while you reconnect the chain.

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