Toilet Repair: How to Replace the Flapper

Toilet repair may be the most common household repair, and a toilet repair flapper is certainly the most common toilet repair. So, if you haven't had the experience of replacing your flapper yet, be prepared to do so. Here's the information you'll need:

Identifying a Toilet Flapper

Before replacing your toilet flapper, you'll need to identify and locate it in your toilet tank. This may be the easiest part of replacing it. If you look at the bottom of your toilet water tank you'll see a small opening through where the water drains into your toilet when the toilet handle is pushed. Covering this opening is a round, rubber gasket. When it sits on the opening, it keeps the water from draining into the toilet. But it must fit flat against the opening, or the opening will not be sealed.

Replacing Your Flapper

First, you'll need to buy a new flapper. Then, while you're at your toilet with the tank's lid off, you'll need to flush the toilet and turn off the water at the valves below the toilet. By removing the chain connecting the flush assembly to the flapper you'll be able to remove the flapper from the arm that extends from the flush assembly. Then all that's left is to attach your new flapper by using reverse directions you used for removing it.