Toilet Repair Parts

If you are having trouble with your toilet, it may only be necessary to buy and fit some toilet repair parts yourself rather than call an expensive tradesman.

There are a number of toilet repair parts you might need:

  • Flappers and tank balls
  • Flush levers
  • Wax gasket rings
  • Fill valves
  • Ballcock repair parts
  • Lift/rod floats

Buy the right parts for the model of toilet you have. The make and model information should be printed on the inside of the toilet tank.

The Right Tools for the Job
When you are shopping for toilet repair parts consider whether you have the right tools for the job. Repairing a toilet is not a task that lends itself to stopping and starting. Set out the appropriate tools before you start and turn off the water supply to the toilet first.

Follow the Instructions
When installing toilet repair parts, it is essential that you follow the instructions on any packaging they arrive. Failing to do so may invalidate any guarantee or cause further damage. Check for more useful hints and tips.