Toilet Replacement Toilet Replacement

Toilet replacement is more straightforward than toilet installation, as you already have the necessary drainage and fitting requirements. 

As with toilet replacement, make sure that all of the pipes and equipment you have are fit for their purpose and comply with local code restrictions.

Toilet replacement step 1 – Clean the plumbing
Before you can begin your toilet replacement, you must clean the old pipe of its old wax gasket and any leftover plumber’s putty. This is essential to prevent the bowl from cracking and leaking. Further, old plumber’s putty is unsightly and will cause the new toilet to look dirty even if it is not.

Toilet replacement step 2 – Prepare to secure the bowl
The next step in toilet replacement is to prepare to secure the flange to the floor and closet bend. The bowl will be fitted to the floor with bolts, a wax seal and plumber’s putty. However, before you apply any of these things, check that the flange is level, and then check that the bowl when it is in situ is level.

Toilet replacement step 3 – Secure the bowl
Turn the bowl upside down and apply the wax seal. Then turn the bowl the right way up and bolt it into the correct place, applying plumber’s putty as you go. It is essential at all times in during the toilet replacement that you keep checking that the toilet is level.

Toilet replacement step 4 – Fit the tank to the bowl
Lower the tank onto the bowl and secure in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The toilet replacement process is almost complete, as you tighten the mounting and hold-down bolts, nuts and washers, checking all the time that the tank is level.

Toilet replacement step 5 – Connect toilet to the plumbing
The final stage in toilet replacement is to connect the toilet to your house’s plumbing system. The end of the supply line stub should be cut off, and linked to by flexible tubing to the shutoff valve. You will find the supply stub out at the bottom of the tank. 



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